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Any Table Build over $300 Comes with a 4 Knocker "Crabbie Caddie". Our Most favorite Table is the Crabtop Picnic Table With removable table top and hidden trash can, so that you can arm sweep those crab shells right down the table and into that can then place the table top piece right back into place, You don't loose and of the table top.On the other end is the Knocker drawer.
This is our newest baby.  This is The Wine Trough Picnic Table.  It doesn't have to be used for just wine or drinks.  We install a custom designed aluminum trough that can be made to whatever size you desire.  This table is 6 foot long and the trough is 3 foot long.  This trough is set down in the table and has no drain hole, but can be made with a drain and can be made with a cover.  You can also use this for your condiments, great for ketchup and mustard for your cookouts. The trough is removable and made of heavy duty aluminum.  Fill it full of ice and ENJOY.   
Below are other Picnic Tables, such as our Border tables with Detached benches.  To the Right the Red table has and extra big top, our tops are normally 32-34 inches across this table top was 48 inches wide and the table on the bottom had custom hanging Rubbermaid containers for storing utensils.
Tables can be custom designed for any size you choose. We make them out of treated lumber, #2 pine, cedar, and eucalyptus, they can be painted, stained and water sealed.
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