DAVIS FAMILY CREATIONS -  Office-850-564-1542
Our Cornhole boards are built from top grade smooth sided plywood to get that smooth finish.  We are not building houses, so there is no need to use 2x4's, we use #2 pine 1 x 4,s for the sides of the boards. The boards are air nailed with brads after being glued with wood glue and then screwed together for extra added support.  We then fill all holes with wood putty, sand and router all edges for a smooth work surface. Once we finish painting, we place a polyurethane product on the top, either a polyurethane or polycrylic depending on the design.  If there is a lot of white in your design we use a polycrylic, so that white does not yellow.  Our boards are attached together with a wooden attachment  system that my husband has created. They carry like a suitcase. Our bags are also made in house with deer corn, we do not use synthetic corn.  All designs are hand drawn and hand painted, no stickers.  All products that we use to make our boards are Made in the USA.
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